Cauliflower #recipe needed


Last night we had cauliflower curry.

Don’t screw your face up like that, it was very tasty. One onion, browned, tsp cumin, tsp coriander, one green chilli, inch of creamed coconut and the remains of a jar of peanut butter swirled out with boiling water. Oh, and the cauliflower of course.

It looked like lumpy clay coloured mud, really not very appetising at all, but it tasted pretty good and I have been given the green light to make it again.

Normally when I make cauliflower cheese I just chop up the whole head, stalk, leaves and everything so there is no waste, but I didn’t think the leaves would work in the curry so I am left with the flower around the cauli, so the speak. What can I make? I haven’t got cheese in the house so the obvious suggestion won’t work.

Any ideas?



2 Comments on “Cauliflower #recipe needed”

  1. Treat them just like you would cabbage leaves and make some tasty bubble and squeak, or a nice and warming soup, just shred them finely and cook them with an onion and some stock.

    Even shredded very finely, add some thinly sliced raw onion and grated carrot and have some coleslaw.

    So many things for tasty cauli leaves. Your curry sounds nice.

    Sue xx

  2. Gill says:

    well you learn something new every day, I never knew you could eat the cauliflower leaves……

    Gill in Canada

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