500g chickpeas

How far will 500g of chickpeas (garbanzos) stretch?

Yesterday morning I put a whole bag of them – £1.09 from Tesco – in to soak and this morning I cooked them. Usually I would use a tin, or cook them as I need but it occurred to me that it makes more sense to cook a whole bag and make a range of meals for freezing, or indeed to freeze them, cooked. Frugaliste is not just about making do with less money, but also about making best use of my time as well.


A bowlful was earmarked for hummous. I don’t have tahini in the cupboard, so I made do with a slug of sesame oil for flavour, three tablespoons of natural yogurt, salt, pepper and chilli powder.


A minute with the stick blender and I had hummous, or at least an approximation of it.


And not ten minutes later, half of it was gone courtesy of my son who added a couple of wraps from the freezer and claimed it as his lunch. I’ll be making another batch very soon!


One onion, two petals of garlic, a green pepper past it’s best and a can of tomatoes is bubbling away now as the base for a chick pea casserole. I have chorizo sausages in the freezer from the reduced shelf at Tesco so they will be added and we’ll have a sort of Goulash meal ready for the freezer.

These two things will take care of about half of the 500g (guesstimating), so I am now scouting around for other ideas. I’ll probably use some of them for a chickpea curry and that can also go in the freezer.

Have you got any other ideas? I wonder if beanburgers would work?

PS – The remains of the cauliflower were chopped up (the leaves are just cabbage leaves, really) and then dry-fried before being added to a herby omelette.


3 Comments on “500g chickpeas”

  1. Gill says:

    I have a 50 + 1 receipes for Chickpeas on my blog here is a link to it: http://thatbritishwoman.blogspot.ca/2009/11/50-1-recipes-using-chickpeas.html you may find a couple of recipes there that would work?


  2. Chilli or Curry I’d go with…

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