Coeliac and frugal

Well, on Friday a letter came through the post which gave final confirmation of something which has been on the cards for a few months ever since a routine blood test for something else. We now have a Coeliac in the house.

We now have to change our shopping and eating habits fairly radically. We’ve always naturally fallen into the artisan wholemeal bread, wholemeal pasta, home baking category and this all has to change. The person concerned is adamant that he doesn’t see why we should all change and that it will be fine to have bread/biscuits/pasta in the house and he just won’t eat them but I am not sure this is either practical or reasonable. I can see that not being so reliant on bread could be a good thing.

So last night we went to Tesco and instead of spending my planned £40, we spent nearly £70. He will soon get gluten free bread, flour, pasta, porridge oats and cereal on prescription and since we live in Scotland, these are free for us, but I felt that it was better to have a clean start on Monday rather than using up current stocks of breakfast cereal, pearl barley, and various flours. These will be given to my Mum and have now been bagged up to clear the cupboards. Gluten free food is not cheap, no more 20p loaves of bread in the freezer for a start. We bought GF flours, pasta, muesli, rice cakes and carefully checked everything which went into the trolley.

I see this is as culinary adventure and while most meals are cooked from scratch here, I think it will stretch the recipe repertoire from now on.



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